An Inside Look at Art In Bloom: Part 5

With the big reveal only a few short days away we are concluding our inside look at the Top 20 finalists for the Art In Bloom competition presented by Lighthouse Group. The remaining four entries are sure to delight and bring to mind thoughts of spring, sunshine and Tulip Time.

Untitled | Cynthia Andrews


Tulip Morning | Cynthia Andrews

“Tulip Morning” has a beautiful simplicity and uses color to create a bright cheerful piece by Cynthia Andrews.





Vintage Tulips | Patricia FlynnVintage Tulips | Patricia Flynn

Patricia Flynn “worked from a photo [she] took [herself] at Windmill Island Gardens last May.” She hopes to have captured “a particular glow” that “the reds and yellows in the sun gave off” in her watercolor, “Vintage Tulips.”


Abundance | Beth Charles


Abundance | Beth Charles

At age 6, Beth Charles won a competition for her chalk rendering of tulips and has been striving to “create the next ‘best’ painting of tulips” ever since. “Abundance” is her most recent attempt, inspired by her fondest memories of her childhood garden.



Fiesta | Ann WhitmoreFiesta | Ann Whitmore

Ann Whitmore’s watercolor painting, “Fiesta” is inspired by the Tulip Time festival itself. “The black dot background connects all the elements in the painting, just as the entire community unites yearly to showcase the tulip in Holland.”


Tulips: The Inside Story | Cindy Bender Tulips: The Inside Story | Cindy M. Bender

Using watercolors to bring to the life her piece, Cindy Bender was inspired by the vibrant contrast in colors from the outside to center of tulips. “With tulips, Bender states, as is sometimes with people, we often only notice the outside. This painting, as stated in the title, focuses on “the inside story!”


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