it’s 2013, and it’s time for a blog!


Happy New Year!  Here at Tulip Time, the change to the new year means that life gets really crazy for us. Now is the time when the implementation process of all of our brainstorming sessions from the past 6 months really kicks into overdrive.  This year we’ve decided to add another element to the mix – this blog – to keep you updated!

First, I want to introduce you to your “tour guides.” Another new thing we’re trying out this Festival year is having more interns than ever. We have 5 event interns, a group sales intern, and a graphic design intern.  We love them and luckily they love the Festival as much as we do! So here they are:

Hannah is a senior at Grand Valley and is majoring in Public Administration with an emphasis in non-profits. Makes sense, right? She’s working with both Kate Klemp (Sponsorship & Development) on grants, sponsorship, and the Festival Luncheon, and with Merrill Howland (Events) on the Tulip Time Run.  Fun Fact: She’s a great (a few times over) niece of Ms. Lida Rogers herself, the founder of the Tulip Time Festival!

Chelsea just graduated in December of 2012 from Ferris State University where she majored in Music Industry Management and got a certificate in PR. It’s a match made in degree Heaven, really. She’s working with Merrill on the Bier Tuin, the events at the Park Theatre, Pavilion Performers, & Rock Camp.

Leigh joins us from Grand Valley where she is a sophomore in the Hospitality and Tourism Management & Human Resources Management programs.  She’s working hard with Judy Tuinenga (Dutch Dance Director & Events) on the Art & Craft Fair and Dutch Marktplaats with a little bit of Dutch Dance coordination thrown in there for good measure.

Carra is a senior at Hope College and was able to create her own major in Event Planning.  She’s working with Merrill on the new Bike Race, and the Tulip City Tours, and with Jessica Westra (Parades and Volunteers) on Parades, Info Booth Coordination, and Volunteers. She won’t be busy at all, nooo…

Callie is taking time out from her day as a junior in Grand Valley’s Hospitality & Tourism Management program to hang out with us at Tulip Time. She’s working with Merrill on Kinderplaats, the Family Rest Area, and with Mary Hilldore (Office Manager/Regulator) on merchandise and guest services.

Morgan is from Hope College and is a sophomore studying Communications and minoring in Dance and Leadership.  She is working with Susan Zalnis (Marketing & Group Sales) on Group Sales endeavors. We love our bus tours and need all the help we can get to coordinate their trips so they are the best that they can be!

Jackie joins us fresh off her completion of a Bachelors in Graphic Design from Kendall College. She is working with Susan (and everybody else that needs her, really) on ALL of our graphics needs. She’s a super star!

They’ll be keeping you informed on what’s going on behind the scenes here at the Festival. Only 119 days until the party begins!!

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About Tulip Time Festival

Our annual celebration of Dutch heritage and culture is a multi-generational event that has something for everyone. Three amazing parades, traditional Dutch Dance performances, concerts, theatre, Dutch attractions, Dutch food, children’s events, Tulip City Tours and so much more!

One thought on “it’s 2013, and it’s time for a blog!

  1. Your blog was never neglected and I always enjoy reading your updates, so good luck with everything at work and keep blogging!

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